Friday, November 12, 2010

Hello all you lovely people

I have heard from a couple of people that their invite to our blog didn't come and since you know how much I value my dedicated readers, I am requesting that if you asked for an invite and didn't get it, please ask again. 

Also, often when I am invited to a blog, after a while when I go to sign in it will say "I'm sorry, your invitation has expired" or something like that.  Well, it's lying.  If you just click on the link that is also in the same box, it will work.  At least it does for me when that happens on some of my friends blogs.

Another thing I thought of for any of you who want to read my blog but are too lazy to log in, there is an option where I can just have the blog updates emailed to you (no clicking necessary!).  I know how desperate I sound, but I'm really just thinking of you (or at least I am also thinking of you).  I get updates like that from my sisters blog and it is wonderful. 

Last but obviously not least, there is a new post here.

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